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News posts Why Penguins Can Only Taste Salty and Sour Foods Most vertebrates—including humans—can taste sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami. But penguins seem to have lost the receptors for... November 22, 2017 News posts That Time a Giant Dinosaur Balloon Was Inflated Inside the American Museum of Natural History The Museum is closed on Thursday as the Thanksgiving Day parade kicks off outside our steps on 77th Street. See if you can spot the... November 22, 2017 News posts Senses-Themed Origami Holiday Tree Goes on View The Museum’s 2017 tree features models inspired by the new exhibition Our Senses: An Immersive Experience. November 20, 2017 News posts Ultra-Sensitive Whiskers Let Mountain Lions “See” in the Dark Long, sinewy whiskers called vibrissae can detect the slightest changes in air flow, allowing mountain lions to hunt effectively... November 15, 2017 News posts Birds of Prey Rely on Super Sight to Hunt Thanks to their specialized eyes, raptors like the Wedge-tailed Eagle can spot prey from a mile away. November 9, 2017 News posts How Technology Lets Scientists See Hidden Colors in Marine Life Specially designed lights and filters for underwater cameras are allowing scientists to observe marine life in a whole new way. November 8, 2017 News posts The Star-Nosed Mole Has the World’s Most Sophisticated Sniffer Highly sensitive appendages on the this mole’s nose—all 22 of them—allow this burrowing mammal to navigate its dark underground terrain... November 3, 2017 News posts New Immersive Exhibition Our Senses Opens November 20 Explore 11 funhouse-like spaces, and discover how your senses affect the way you see and experience the world. Member Preview Days... November 1, 2017 News posts Historic Chief’s Chest On View in Haida Gwaii In an innovative collaboration with the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay, a carved wooden chest from the Museum’s collections is... October 26, 2017 News posts Warwick Thornton Wins the 2017 Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Thornton’s winning documentary We Don’t Need a Map examines how white nationalists in Australia have adopted an important Indigenous... October 23, 2017 News posts Mead 2017: Chronicling Life in Rural Morocco in House in the Fields Filmmaker Tala Hadid spent more than six years documenting the life of a family in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. October 21, 2017 News posts Mead 2017: Sprit Game Directors Tell Iroquois’ Story Through Lacrosse Directors Peter Baxter and Peter Spirer follow the Iroquois Nationals’ journey to the 2015 World Box Lacrosse Championships to tell... October 19, 2017
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