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News posts Revisiting Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics Tonight’s Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate is all about the possibilities—and consequences—of ever-more-powerful artificial intelligence.... February 13, 2018 News posts Carnivora Skull Shape Depends on More Than Just Diet For the first time, new research shows that skull form and function among mammals from this large group is influenced by such factors... February 7, 2018 News posts Op-Ed: Why We Should Leave Cougars Where They Are The eastern puma is extinct. Museum conservation scientist Rae Wynn-Grant argues that relocating western cougars to the East Coast... February 3, 2018 News posts February 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History From new technologies in ocean science to potentially habitable exoplanets, catch up on the latest discoveries science. February 1, 2018 News posts What To Know About the 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon On January 31, three lunar phenomena—a Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood Moon—coincide in a rare event in the morning sky. January 30, 2018 News posts This Weekend, A Trip from Sea to Space From rare scientific illustrations of marine life featured in the exhibition Opulent Oceans to stunning visualizations of mysterious... January 26, 2018 News posts Pit Vipers Can Detect Prey Via Heat Heat-sensing organs help snakes find birds or small mammals in the dark. January 25, 2018 News posts Behind the Scenes: Making Our Senses’ Larger-Than-Life Meadow Here’s how Museum preparators created larger-than-life models to give visitors to Our Senses an insect’s-eye view of the world. January 17, 2018 News posts To Hunt, the Platypus Uses Its Electric Sixth Sense Platypus bills are lined with thousands of sensitive cells, which these egg-laying mammals use to detect signals produced by prey... January 12, 2018 News posts This Weekend is Your Last Chance to See Mummies Don’t miss the Museum’s special exhibition Mummies and Origami Holiday Tree, on view through Sunday, January 7. January 5, 2018 News posts UV Vision Helps Caribou Spot Food in Arctic Snow These mammals’ major winter food source, lichens, doesn’t reflect UV light. So, to caribou, their next meal stands out in the highly-reflective... January 5, 2018 News posts The Science Behind Singing Mice and Laughing Rats Researchers are listening in as mice and rats communicate using ultrasonic vocalizations that, when slowed down, sound like songs—and... December 26, 2017
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