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News posts Mead 2017: How Lust for Sight Director Manuel von Stürler Sees the World Motivated by a condition that will eventually leave him blind, filmmaker Manuel von Stürler explores the subjectivity of sight in... October 17, 2017 News posts All-New Halls of Gems and Minerals Announced One of the centerpieces of the new Halls—a 12-foot-tall amethyst geode—was unveiled this morning and is now on view in the Grand... October 16, 2017 News posts How Sulfur Is Born The sulfur specimens in the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth were formed in the Kawah Ijen volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia. October 10, 2017 News posts Mead 2017: Pre-Crime Director Matthias Heeder on the Rise of Predictive Policing It may sound like science fiction, but it’s not: personal data and social media are being mined by law enforcement around the world.... October 5, 2017 News posts A Guide to the Butterfly Life Cycle Pin-sized egg. Hungry caterpillar. Winged butterfly. The butterfly’s transformation from larva to adult, known as complete metamorphosis,... October 4, 2017 News posts Richard Gilder Graduate School Celebrates Fifth Commencement Graduating classes of the Museum’s doctoral and Master of Arts in Teaching programs were joined by honorees Andrew H. Knoll, a distinguished... September 28, 2017 News posts Ph.D. Profile: Michael Tessler As a kid, he loved to wander outdoors—and indoors through natural history museums. Today, Tessler has charted an even wider-ranging... September 25, 2017 News posts A Major Project in the Northwest Coast Hall The Museum is restoring and updating the gallery devoted to Northwest Coast Native cultures, working with communities from the First... September 25, 2017 News posts Ph.D. Profile: Amber Paasch A fascination with the unusual fueled research into green algae that not only create food through photosynthesis but also consume... September 22, 2017 News posts Ph.D. Profile: Zac Calamari Intrigued by many fields of inquiry, Calamari homed in on unlocking the secrets of mammal horns and other elaborate head gear. September 13, 2017 News posts Five Things to Know About Iguanas On National Iguana Awareness Day, here are some fun facts about these fascinating large lizards. September 8, 2017 News posts Voyager 1 Launched 40 Years Ago Today Now nearly 13 billion miles from Earth, the spacecraft is still flying strong—and calling home daily with valuable intel about our... September 5, 2017
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