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News posts Learning As They Lead “Batman! Superman! Spiderman!” shouted a crowd of young campers, eager to share the names of their favorite superheroes, as guide... January 31, 2011 News posts Drepung Loseling Monastery Monks Kick Off Global Weekends Event On Tuesday, January 25, the Museum kicked off the six-day Global Weekends: Brain and the Tibetan Creative Mind program with a traditional... January 26, 2011 News posts SciCafe: This is Your Brain on Drugs How do drugs and drug use impact the brain? In this podcast from a recent SciCafe, Carl Hart, Associate Professor at Columbia University,... January 26, 2011 News posts Will Shortz Puts Spin on Ping Pong While crossword puzzles have been proven to exercise the brain and improve memory, guessing the answer to a difficult clue also provides... January 25, 2011 News posts Body and Spirit: Tibetan Medical Paintings Opens at the Museum Body and Spirit: Tibetan Medical Paintings ... January 25, 2011 News posts Brain Beat: Meditation and the Brain The goal of meditation — the act of consciously directing one’s attention to alter one’s state of being — is to take control of the... January 24, 2011 News posts Decision Making and the Brain On Thursday, January 20, neuroscientist Paul Glimcher of New York University and Rob DeSalle, curator of Brain: The Inside Story,... January 18, 2011 News posts Follow the Thread: A Mandarin Coat In 1901, budding anthropologist Berthold Laufer sent a brilliant blue silk robe he had bought in Shanghai to the American Museum... January 14, 2011 News posts Brain Tweetup Roundup “Tweeting is a lot like the nervous system,” Curator Rob DeSalle told the crowd that gathered on Wednesday, January 12 for the first-ever... January 14, 2011 News posts Brain Beat: Animal Brains By examining the neural wiring and structure of animal brains, researchers can gain insight into the workings of the human brain,... January 7, 2011 News posts Podcast: Brain Master Class The human brain is sometimes described as the world’s most complex structure. Today, advances in biochemistry and new technologies... January 7, 2011 News posts Notes From the Field: George E. Harlow Last month, Museum Curator George E. Harlow wrote for The New York Times’ “Scientist at Work” blog while unearthing clues from past... December 8, 2010
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