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3D Feature Opens on Museum's Big Screen

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An owl with clear eyes swooping through the forest; a snake threatening with mouth agape—some moments were made to be seen on the 3D theater screen. And starting tomorrow, viewers can take them in at the Museum’s LeFrak Theater, presenting Mysteries of the Unseen World, which is tailor-made for the occasion.

Children and Adults 3D LeFrak Theater
See It in 3D at the Museum's LeFrak Theater.
© AMNH/D. Finnin

A wonder-inducing 3D highlight reel of phenomena normally invisible to the human eye, Mysteries of the Unseen World uses footage from time-lapse photography, scanning electron microscopes, and high-speed cameras (among other technologies) to reveal spectacles of life that happen too slowly or too quickly for human perception. These range from the surprisingly amazing flight of a four-winged dragonfly or a humble bumble bee, from the nanoscale structures on a blue morpho butterfly’s wing to the tiny organisms that call the human body—even our eyelashes—home.

For the full, immersive 3D experience, viewers don reusable Dolby glasses, while two new projectors—one for each eye—display the digital film on the giant 40-by-60-foot screen.

Watch the trailer.

Mysteries of the Unseen World Trailer

Mysteries of the Unseen World Trailer

The same advanced technologies used to capture the film's stunning imagery are increasingly used in scientific research—including by scientists at the Museum. Learn more about this innovative work in the Museum exhibition Picturing Science, now open. 

Buy tickets to Mysteries of the Unseen World. (Note: In addition to 3D screenings, there will be 4 2D film showings daily.)