4/19 and 4/20: Butterflies and Pterosaurs, Plus Upcoming Highlights

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If this week’s winter throwback has left you longing for spring again, spend this weekend in the warm halls at the Museum. 

It’s always spring—the muggy, almost-summer kind—inside The Butterfly Conservatorywhere you can see more than 500 free-flying butterflies amid flowering tropical plants. 

If larger flying animals are more your style, head to the Museum’s latest exhibition, Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of the DinosaursThese reptiles were close cousins of the dinosaurs, and the first vertebrates to develop powered flight.  With wingspans ranging from 10 inches to 33 feet, these amazing animals evolved into dozens of species and, as a group, survived for a period of more than 150 million years.

Our Genes, Ourselves: What Can Our DNA Tell Us?

Save the date for next week’s special lecture “Our Genes, Ourselves: What Can Our DNA Tell Us?”, which will bring together experts for a variety of fields to discuss the methods, results, and implications of mapping our individual genomes. Learn about what our genomes can tell us about an individual’s ancestry and how this may affect personalized medicine.

Find Your Fossils, Feathers, and Rocks!

Dying to know about the feather you found in the park? Curious about the shell you brought back from the beach? Start dusting off the pieces in your home collection for the Museum’s Identification Day, coming up on Saturday, May 10. Museum scientists will be on hand to identify your object and show objects from the Museum’s collection.


This year visitors will also learn about how 3D scanning and printing technology is used for science and have a chance to scan and receive a digital copy of their identified item along with a special 3D souvenir. 

Learn more about what is coming up at the Museum on the Museum’s Calendar page. 

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