6/7 and 6/8: Meet the Scientist, Celebrate World Oceans Day, and More

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From exploding stars to the amazing diversity of life in our planet’s oceans, there is lots to see and do at the Museum this weekend.

Join astrophysicist Or Grauer on Saturday, June 7, in the Museum’s Discovery Room for this season’s final Meet the Scientist program. Dr. Grauer will be speaking with visitors (ages 7 and up) about predicting which stars end their lives in giant explosions called supernovae and about the fate of our own Sun.

Discovery Room

The program is free with Museum admission; times and details are available here. 

Spurs, Spines, and Other Ways Animals Deliver Venom

Venomous animals have evolved a variety of mechanisms to deliver toxins to would-be predators and prey. See a few live venomous species live—including a gila monster—in The Power of Poison exhibition, and learn about others in this video featuring Curator Mark Siddall.

Rendezvous with the Blue Whale on World Oceans Day

Celebrate World Ocean Day on Sunday, June 8 by visiting the Museum’s 29,000-square-foot Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, which features models of more than 750 sea creatures ranging from tiny green bubble algae to the famous blue whale.

Milstein Hall of Ocean Life With Visitors

Milstein Hall of Ocean Life 

© AMNH/R. Mickens

And save the date for the next Milstein Science Series, all about sharks, on Sunday, June 22. 

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