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Do you know the difference between a meteor and a meteorite? Ever wondered why there are no planets in the asteroid belt? Curious what researchers are doing to track large asteroids as they move through the solar system, sometimes passing very close to Earth?

Asteroid Earth Moon
A visualization of an asteroid passing near Earth and the Moon.
Courtesy of B612 Foundation

The Museum has you covered with a new video series explaining the science behind asteroids and the impact these rocks from space have had on our planet throughout history.

In the span of seven short videos, Curator Denton Ebel of the Museum’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences guides viewers through the latest research on these heavenly bodies, which are as much members of our cosmic neighborhood as any nearby planet. Get started right here with the first video, which explains just what an asteroid is. 

Want to see more? Check out the Asteroid Crash Course playlist on YouTube to watch the rest of the series!