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Today marks the birthday of legendary fossil hunter Roy Chapman Andrews. Born in 1880, Andrews began at the Museum as a whale researcher and went on to lead a team that made spectacular fossil discoveries in Central Asia in the 1920s. Read more about Andrews in this post.


Roy Chapman Andrews smiles for the camera as he sits in the Gobi desert holding a rock embedded with multiple fossilized dinosaur eggs.
Roy Chapman Andrews displays the first find of dinosaur eggs, Mongolia, 1925.
© AMNH/J. Shackelford

Thanks to the Museum’s web series Shelf Life, you too can join an Andrews expedition. Shelf Life’s Fossil Hunting in the Gobi in 360 takes viewers into the field on the explorer’s historic expeditions to this vast desert, where his team turned up some of the world’s most iconic fossils, including the first clutch of dinosaur eggs ever discovered.


Andrews is just one piece of the Museum’s storied history of scientific exploration. The new season of Shelf Life features today’s paleontologists, as well as other scientists conducting research around the globe.