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Be Our Valentine this Weekend

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Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, which means you've got to plan something a little more substantial than the standard dinner date to wow your one and only. Luckily, the Museum can provide you with a perfect date for every kind of couple.

The Nerdy Couple

What might dark matter look like? Find out in our Space Show, Dark Universe. 

Do you and your honey bond over reddit forums critiquing the portrayal of space travel in Interstellar? Do you swoon when your significant other reblogs theoretical physics jokes on tumblr? Amorous nerds need look no further then the Hayden Planetarium Space Show Dark Universe. Sit back and relax as the dulcet tones of narrator and science superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson guide you through exquisite visualizations, from a breathtaking plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere to a rendering of unobservable dark matter.

The New Couple

Heliconius melpomene butterfly perched on a small pink flower with its orange, black, and white wings folded back.
Visit the Butterfly Conservatory to see more than 500 live butterflies. 

Is your relationship so new that you get butterflies in your stomach at the thought of your beloved? Then head to the Museum's Butterfly Conservatory where you'll feel right at home! Take a vacation in this 80° F vivarium and surround yourself with more than 500 live butterflies of all shapes and sizes. While you learn about these insects you'll bond over their beauty, or over the shared trauma of having one perch on your head. 

The Couple Who Met Online 

Tyrannosaurus rex (for Tour)
See the Tyrannosaurus rex in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. 

For the Tinder-savvy, selfie-loving, pics-or-it-didn't happen couple, the Museum's Fossil Halls are a perfect place to celebrate your love, then share it with your 433 Instagram followers. Classic photo-ops include arm-in-Allosaurus jaws, ducking under the wings of a pterosaur, and the classic pretending-to-run-from-the-ferocious-Tyrannosaurus rex (selfie-stick encouraged). The natural lighting is so good, you might even get a new profile pic out of your visit. 

The Passionate Couple

Photograph of an erupting volcano.
Generate a virtual volcano in Nature's Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters. 
© Pablo Hidalgo

Fiery. Earth-shaking. Whirlwind. Do these words describe your relationship? Then you’ll feel right at home in the Museum's new exhibition, Nature's Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters. Grab your true love's hand while you explore the forces that shape our dynamic planet. Work together to build a volatile volcano, make waves on a seismograph, and hold each other close as you stand in the path of a tornado. 

The Fit Couple 

The Hall of Biodiversity presents a vivid portrait of the beauty and abundance of life on Earth.

Lace your sneakers and charge up that Fitbit, because you're about to cover a lot of ground. At the Museum, general admission gives you access to 45 permanent halls, and its quite a hike to see them all. Encounter magnificent mammals, experience cultures from across the globe, explore the beginnings of the universe, and waltz beneath the iconic blue whale. You'll impress your honey and burn enough calories to justify ordering everything on the dessert menu.