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Birding at the Museum: New Video Series

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Did you know that you can come inside the Museum to bird-"watch"? Four new videos on introduce viewers to the diversity of bird habitat groups (dioramas) and the history of ornithology at the Museum. 

A cloth book cover reads: "What bird is that?"
The cover of a book by Frank Chapman, who introduced many Americans to the practice of birdwatching and identification. 

Ornithologist Frank M. Chapman, who worked at the Museum for more than 50 years—from 1888 to 1942—is the subject of the first video.

Frank Chapman in Birding Video
Frank M. Chapman

Exhibition Associate and artist-naturalist Stephen C. Quinn introduces viewers to Chapman's lasting legacy.

Among Chapman's achievements was popularizing birdwatching and bird identification among the general public.

Birdwatchers in Central Park (historical)
Birdwatchers in Central Park

One holiday tidbit: if you're participating in a Christmas Bird Count this year, thank Frank Chapman. In the year 1900, Chapman established the tradition in hopes it would counteract the then-common practice of trying to hunt as many birds as possible on Christmas Day. 

Watch the four-part birding video series.

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