Boo! Happy Halloween at the Museum!

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Head to the Museum this weekend for an afternoon of trick or treating on Saturday, but don’t be too spooked by the Museum’s spiders, vampire squid, and dinosaur mummy!


First visit more than 20 different species of creepy crawlies in the Spiders Alive! exhibition. From the giant vinegaroon, which shoots a foul smelling spray if disturbed, to the Goliath birdeater, a huge spider that preys on snakes, mice, birds and frogs, these arachnids are sure to send shivers down your spine. 

As you trick-or-treat through the Museum halls, don’t be frightened by fearsome vampire squid in the Opulent Oceans exhibition or the dinosaur mummy, a fossilized imprint of the carcass of a duck-billed dinosaur Edmontosaurus in Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Mummy

The Museum’s dinosaur mummy is a fossilized imprint of the carcass of a duck-billed dinosaur.


Please note access to the Museum’s special exhibitions and many halls in the Museum will be limited during the Halloween event. Purchase tickets to the Halloween event here.