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Casa Blanca Wins Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award

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Following a whirlwind weekend that featured art installations, dialogues with documentarians, demonstrations of cutting-edge technology, and—of course—more than 40 films, the 2016 Margaret Mead Film Festival is officially in the books. 


Attendees view installation in the museum featuring poster, video and decorative elements.
The art installation Aue Away greeted opening night crowds at the Margaret Mead Film Festival.
© AMNH/R.Mickens

There were countless great stories from this year’s festival, but we wanted to take a moment to thank the visitors and volunteers who have been making this program possible for forty years. We also wanted to thank the filmmakers who participate in the festival. This year, dozens of directors brought their feature-length films, documentary shorts, and even virtual reality documentaries that are breaking new ground in cinema to the Mead. 


Woman wears VR googles at the event.
Visitors experienced new cinematic technologies in the Virtual Reality Lounge.
© AMNH/R.Mickens

It was an amazing slate of productions, and we’re delighted to announce that director Aleksandra Maciuszek was the winner of the 2016 Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award for Casa Blanca, a poignant story of growing up, growing old, and family ties in a small Cuban port city. 


Congratulations to Casa Blanca, and to the many other films this weekend that opened our eyes and helped us see the world in a different light. And our thanks to everyone who joined us, and everyone who helped make it possible. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.