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Celebrate Asteroid Day at the Museum

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The Museum is a great place to learn about asteroids, meteors, and meteorites—you can even get hands on with some of these extraterrestrial objects in the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites and the Rose Center for Earth and Space.



Even if you can’t make it to the Museum, we’ve still got some science to share! On YouTube, you can check out our Asteroid Crash Course—a seven-part-series that answers all your questions about these objects, from how they’ve shaped life on Earth to ways we might defend our planet from a strike in the future.


If you want a more personal touch to your space science, no worries—we’ve got that covered, too. Courtesy of Facebook Live, you can tour the Hall of Meteorites with asteroid geologist and Museum research associate Harold Connolly, Jr. as he shows off some of the Museum’s most exciting specimens and explains his role in current asteroid sampling missions.