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Dark Universe: Get a Sneak Peek

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"So often an exhibit or a show...celebrates what we know—and you expect that—but how about the stuff we don't know?" asks Neil deGrasse Tyson in this sneak-peak video about the new Space Show, Dark Universe. "That excites me," he adds.

Dark Universe opens Saturday, November 2. 

Watch the video, which features Tyson, Curator Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, and Director of Astrovisualization Carter Emmart—plus some rather spine-tingling images of the seen and unseen in deep space. 

To recap: Dark Universe starts 100 million light years away from Earth. After flying to our own Milky Way Galaxy, visualized using the latest scientific data, and to our own planet, viewers arrive at California’s Mount Wilson Observatory, where Edwin Hubble’s discovery that the universe is expanding gave the first hint of the Big Bang. That initial discovery, and ever more sensitive instruments on the ground and in space, led to other breakthroughs that give astronomers an increasingly detailed and precise picture of how our universe formed and evolved.

But these revelations have also uncovered intriguing new mysteries. What is the mysterious dark energy accelerating cosmic expansion? What is the invisible dark matter underlying galaxies that, together with dark energy, account for at least 95 percent of the universe’s total energy and mass? What lies beyond our cosmic horizon?

Learn more about Dark Universe and buy tickets here.

On Monday, October 7, Curator Mac Low and Director Carter Emmart will give a talk at the Museum, called Visualizing Science, with in-person sneak peeks at some scenes from Dark Universe. Purchase tickets.

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