December 6-7: Last Chance to see Picturing Science main content.

December 6-7: Last Chance to see Picturing Science

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It’s the last weekend to see more than 20 spectacular images in the Picturing Science exhibition. 


Created by arachnologists, ichthyologists, astrophysicists, paleontologists, entomologists, and other scientists at the Museum, the visually arresting works in this show were produced in the course of scientific research using advanced imaging technologies ranging from CT scanners to scanning electron microscopes.

Raxworthy and Ruane Plotting the Trip
Herpetologist Christopher Raxworthy and Sara Ruane studying a map of Madagascar's Anakarana National Park. 
©AMNH/M. Lehmann

On Saturday, December 6, visitors ages 7 and up can meet herpetologist Sara Ruane in the Discovery Room. Beginning at 2:15 pm, Dr. Ruane will discuss her work studying reptiles and amphibians around the world, the tools of the trade, and her most recent field expedition to Madagascar. Watch a video about the expedition here or listen to a podcast about the trip.

Monitoring Mount Etna: Magma on the Move


What’s the difference between a stratovolcano and a cinder cone? Visit the new exhibition Nature’s Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters to find out, then experiment by building your own.

Watch the video to discover how scientists are collecting data to monitor active volcanoes like Mt. Etna (a stratovolcano).

Monitoring Mount Etna

Monitoring Mount Etna