Family Museum Events This Weekend: Penguins, Poison, and Origami 12/14 and 12/15

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Out and about? Come to the Museum for a bewitching exhibition The Power of Poison, or visit the Museum's Origami Holiday Tree. And don't miss the last few weeks of Penguins, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, in the IMAX Theater.

See it Now: The Power of Poison

In the new exhibition The Power of Poison, families with children of all ages will be intrigued by stories about witches, princesses, and folk remedies (all with a dash of danger).

Visitors with Enchanted Book

© AMNH/R. Mickens

Featuring the surprising diversity of poisons in nature, myth, and even medicine, the exhibition features iPad games and live animals, including golden poison frogs, throughout.

Golden poison frog GIF (Poison)

Somewhat toxic or extremely toxic? See live golden poison frogs today! 


There is also a theater with a live presenter, who tells the story of an historical poisoning mystery. Audience participation is encouraged!

JC Poison hero

Learn more about historical poisonings in a live theater in The Power of Poison, now open at the Museum. 

Learn more and purchase tickets.

Don't Miss: Penguins in the IMAX Theater

There are only a few more weeks to see Penguins, a touching story about a young King Penguin's perilous journey from youth to fatherhood. Will he manage find a mate and start a family, all the while evading predators and other dangers? 

Click here to buy tickets.

Origami, Oh Yeah: The Origami Holiday Tree

Visit the seasonal Origami Holiday Tree, a Museum tradition for 40 years. This year's theme features models of Gila monsters, Macbeth's witches, water hemlock, and scorpions. What links them all? A connection to The Power of Poison, a new exhibition. Learn more in a blog post here.

Origami Tree

AMNH/R. Mickens

See the Origami Holiday Tree in the Grand Gallery, on the first floor of the Museum. 

Want more origami? Watch this video and fold at home!

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