February 7—8: Double the Science, Double the Fun

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This weekend, meet two scientists at the Museum.

Bring the whole family to the Discovery Room, where Aki Watanabe, a paleontology student at the Richard Gilder Graduate School will share how he uses 3D printing technology to reconstruct dinosaur brains of long extinct animals, what its like to find fossils and why he became a paleontologist. 

Besides his work as a paleontologist, Aki is also a Google Explorer, demonstrating how new technology can assist scientists in the field.

Watch him travel through the Gobi Desert, prospect for fossils and discover oviraptor eggs in this video series.

Give your brain a workout at the Sackler Educational Lab. Meet Dr. Joseph Califf to learn about the roles hormones play in the evolution of social behavior. A biological anthropologist, Dr. Califf will discuss his research on the factors that influence variation in reproductive and stress hormones among male baboons and explore how our current understanding—and misunderstanding—of hormone-behavior interactions can affect the way we think about personality, social issues, and “the human experience.”

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