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Game Lineup for Jan. 26 Cosmic Cocktails and Space Arcade

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The Rose Center for Earth and Space transforms into a cosmic arcade on Thursday, January 26, for an evening of open bar, after-hours viewing—and game playing—in the new exhibition Beyond Planet Earth, and the following custom games provided by Babycastles at Cosmic Cocktails and Space Arcade.

Space Cruiser

Be one of the first to fly around the Hayden Planetarium Sphere as part of this 200-person cooperative space game custom designed for the dome. The game transforms the theater into a living, breathing space ship where participants navigate through a fictitious universe.

Kerbal Space Program

Build a space-worthy craft that can safely fly your crew through space using the parts at your disposal. Each has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies—or doesn’t!


Discover your inner Gumby as you twist and stretch for a high score. These people at NYU already did:

Recurse-No Quarter Exhibit: NYU Game Center

Recurse-No Quarter Exhibit: NYU Game Center

The night will also feature interactive games in Beyond Planet Earth, including:

Terraforming Table

Crash asteroids, deploy orbital mirrors, and spread microbes to make Mars habitable for humans. The transformation is literally at your fingertips on a custom multitouch screen that allows up to three players to “terraform” at once.

Deflecting Asteroids

Deflect potentially dangerous asteroids that are approaching Earth. But be careful—some strategies might worsen Earth’s fate by breaking the asteroids into tiny bits that rain down all across the planet.

To buy tickets to Cosmic Cocktails and Space Arcade, click here.

Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration is now on view at the Museum. Click here to buy tickets, and click here to download the Beyond Planet Earth Augmented Reality App before your visit.