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Hackathon Returns to the Museum

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We’re looking for coders, designers, data scientists, and more to Hack the Stacks in the Museum Library the weekend of November 18-20 at the Museum's annual hackathon. Spots are still available, but they’re filling up fast, so make sure you apply before the deadline on Monday, November 7.

Four participants sit at a table with their Mac laptops in front of them and a screen displaying code behind them.
Developers show off tools they created at last year’s hackathon.
© AMNH/C. Chesek

Computer science and programming are important tools for every modern scientist, and at the Museum hackathon, local techies can barinstorm with curators and researcher to help the develop programs that will drive science forward, in the field and in collections like ours across the world. After a weekend of coding, the products are placed on the digital repository Github where others can build on what's been started, meaning the impact of the event is felt far from the halls where it takes place.

Last fall, dozens of teams of computer science specialists hunkered down in the Museum’s halls for a weekend, creating research tools for paleontology at the Museum’s second annual Hackathon event, Hack the Dinos. What sort of new programs and apps will this year's event yield? Sign up and help us find out!