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Independence Day Weekend at the Museum

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This weekend, the Museum is open during regular hours, 10 am — 5:45 pm on Independence Day weekend. Stop in over the holiday weekend to discover animals from all fifty states and beyond.

In the new Spiders Alive! exhibition, opening Saturday July 4, see a live specimen of the desert hairy scorpion, the largest scorpion in North America. This arachnid can reach lengths of over six inches, and  beats the daytime heat by hunting in the evening. Once night falls, it can be found hunting prey like, spiders, lizards, and even the occasional small mammal. 

Desert Hairy Scorpions
Desert hairy scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis)
©AMNH/R. Mickens

Animals from all around the world that boast unique adaptations to live in extreme environments are featured in the exhibition Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Animals. Among them are tardigrades—tiny invertebrates that live nearly everywhere from Alaska to Florida. These microscopic animals thrive in bubbling hot springs as well as holes in the Antarctic Ice, and can even survive in the vacuum of space.

Tardigrade models 10 foot tall
Tardigrade models at the entrance of the  Life at the Limits exhibition. 

This your last chance to to see Tiny Giants at the Museum. The giant screen film—screened in 2D and 3D—chronicles the lives of a chipmunk in the woods and a grasshopper mouse in Arizona’s desert, letting viewers get a sense of the big challenges faced by these small animals.

Tiny Giants Video

Tiny Giants Video

An Independence Day visit to the Museum wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the nation’s wildlife in the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals. And of course, don’t forget to visit our national symbol and stop by the bald eagle diorama in the Sanford Hall of North American Birds. 

Bald Eagle
The bald eagle diorama in the Sanford Hall of North American Birds.