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January 24–25: Small Superheroes and Making Mountains

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This weekend at the Museum discover the bustling world right beneath your feet. 

In Nature’s Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters learn about the 60-mile-thick lithospheric plates that make up the outer skin of the Earth. Plate tectonics, the theory that describes the movement of these plates, helps scientists understand the cause of many earthquakes and tsunamis. 

1906 San Francisco Aftermath
Aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake on April 18, 1906.
© Library of Congress

Browse the Museum’s Digital Special Collections to see archival photographs and artwork that show the power of these geological forces, and the devastation that can be left behind when the Earth moves. 

Studying the movement of the planet can make you feel a little small. But to see and feel what life is like when you’re really tiny under—one-foot-tall—check out the new film Tiny Giants, now playing in 3D and 2D on the giant screen in the LeFrak Theater. Narrated by Stephen Fry, this big movie about small subjects follows the adventures of a chipmunk in the wildwood and a grasshopper mouse in the Arizona desert as they navigate the challenges of a much bigger world. 

Tiny Giants Video

Tiny Giants Video