July 11–13 Manhattanhenge, The Evolution of Smell and More main content.

July 11–13 Manhattanhenge, The Power of Poison and More!

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Don’t let the weekend go by without savoring some science! Whether it’s getting an inside look into the astronomy behind the popular Manhattanhenge phenomenon, exploring the Power of Poison, or watching the Whale Wash, there is something for everyone at the Museum.


When the sun sets this Friday and Saturday it will align directly with the Manhattan street grid creating a phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge. This Friday is your opportunity to learn about the astronomy behind this occurrence at a special Hayden Planetarium Program.

Experience Manhattanhenge
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The Power of Poison

There is just one month left to see the Power of Poison exhibition. Explore poison’s paradoxical role in nature, myth, and human heath and history. Take part in a live presentation about a real-world poisoning case and discover the toxic species that live in a remote Colombian forest. 

Inside View: The Power of Poison

Inside View: The Power of Poison

Whale Wash

This past week, the Museum’s blue whale model in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life received its annual scrubdown. Visitors at the Museum watched the Whale Wash live and hundreds more tuned in to watch the live stream. In case you missed it, here is a video.

Whale Wash 2014

Whale Wash 2014