June 14–15 Celebrate Father’s Day at the Museum

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Take dads out of this world for an astronomy-filled weekend at the Museum.

On Saturday join award-winning author and journalist Lynn Sherr for a lecture on her latest book, Sally Ride: America’s First Woman in Space. Learn more about this free event and RSVP here

Lynn Sherr and Sally Ride

Lynn Sherr author of Sally Ride: American's First Woman in Space. 

Get a head start on your summer stargazing. Learn about some of the constellations visible in the night sky with Family Astronomy in the Dome at the Hayden Planetarium. Purchase tickets to Family Astronomy here

Rose Center Exterior Sky


Celebrate the new frontier of space exploration with dad at the Museum’s Space Show, Dark UniverseLearn about pivotal moments that have led us to our understanding of the universe and discover two of the latest cosmic mysteries, dark matter and dark energy.

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