June 27−29 The Rose Center for Earth and Space, Natural Histories and More

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Don’t miss the latest sunset of the year, this Friday, June 27, at 8:31 pm EDT. But before you start your summer stargazing head to the Museum to learn about cosmic phenomena at the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Explore the Scales of the Universe to see just how big the setting Sun is in comparison to everything else in the universe, from the Milky Way Galaxy to subatomic particles. While you are there don’t miss the Hayden Planetarium Space Show Dark Universe

Step Back in Time with Natural Histories 

Spanning five centuries, Natural Histories: 400 Years of Scientific Illustration from the Museum’s Library, explores the integral role illustration played in scientific discovery through 50 striking, large-format reproductions from seminal holdings in the Museum Library’s Rare Book Collection.

Walk on the Wild Side at The Power of Poison  

Learn about how animals use poison in the natural world in the Museum’s Power of Poison exhibition. See a live gila monster, poison dart frog, and lionfish — all three are poisonous but have ways of warning predators that they would make a horrible snack! 

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