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Last Week for The Jelly Dome

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Summer has just gotten started, but The Jelly Dome is quickly coming to a close!


A jellyfish with tentacles extending from an umbrella-like structure floats undersea.
The Pacific Sea Nettle is part of the group known as cnidarians, or true jellyfish, that you can see in The Jelly Dome.
Courtesy of HRae/Wikimedia Commons

This Friday, June 30, is your final opportunity to take a deep dive into the world of jellies in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. Don’t wait until the last minute to experience an immersive video journey alongside some of the ocean’s most incredible invertebrates!


A translucent mushroom-shaped jellyfish swims underwater.
The Australian Spotted Jellyfish is an invasive species found in many of the world’s oceans.
Courtesy of Orest/Wikimedia Commons

You can learn more about jellies, how they live, and some of the species you might see in The Jelly Dome elsewhere on the Museum’s blog. And if you’re coming to see the show this week, check here for a detailed schedule before the dome closes its doors for the season.