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March Mammal Madness: Mancestor vs. Shrëwdinger

by AMNH on

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This is it—the final matchup. We started with 32 potential names for our hypothetical placental ancestor. Now we’re down to two: Mancestor and Shrëwdinger. Which will it be? It’s your decision. Cast your vote now and give this creature a name!

The championship round has starts now and ends at noon on Thursday, April 4. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner later that day. And in the meantime, look out for the ancestor on the streets of New York City, which, as the mammal is discovering, are rather hard to navigate without ID.

A photo of person seen from behind in a furry animal costume hailing a yellow taxi on a city street.
Our to-be-named "ancestor" in NYC
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