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May 17 and 18: Things to Do at the Museum This Weekend

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So much to see at the Museum this weekend, from Dark Universe to The Power of Poison.

Learn Origami This Sunday

Bring the whole family this Sunday from noon to 4 pm to learn the art of paper folding! Members of OrigamiUSA will be on-hand to help you learn to fold pterosaurs and dinosaurs, as well as spring flowers and animal friends. A selection of expert models by origami artists will be on display. Free with Museum admission. 

Quetzacoatlus Origami

Dark Universe

Normal matter makes up everything we can touch and see, including ourselves, dogs, trees, planets, and stars. But in the past 20 years researchers have discovered that this makes up less than 20 percent of the total mass of the universe.

Dark Universe

Dark Universe

What’s the rest? It’s likely dark matter, which emits and absorbs no light, though we can observe its gravitational effect on normal matter. 

Learn more in Dark Universe, the Space Show narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

The Power of Poison

Organisms use poisons to survive — to capture prey and to defend themselves. In living things, poisons are a product of adaptation and natural selection.

GIF Gila monster (Poison)
See a live Gila monster in The Power of Poison.


Humans are largely bystanders to this evolutionary process, an arms race that has been waged among plants and animals for hundreds of millions of years.

Learn more and see live animals like the Gila monster above in The Power of Poison.

Take a quiz about poisons.