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May 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History

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In this month’s Hayden Planetarium programs, travel back in time to understand the origin of planets, see them in a whole new light through the wavelengths celestial bodies emit, or, if you are a Member, take a thrilling field trip to the Moon! (Come to think of it, that’s a good reason to join the Museum, along with other special events—and discounts—for Members.) 

Back on Earth, bring the whole family to a special origami fun folding session Sunday, May 20. Discover how scientists fashion craniofacial reconstructions of our hominin relatives before making one of your own in a special course for adults that begins Wednesday, May 23. That same day, nature in Native American myths and legends is the topic of a special touchable-object tour for the blind and partially sighted.

Finally, don’t let the merry month of May slip away without catching The Butterfly Conservatory before it closes on Monday, May 28—or enjoying the laughter at a pub-style ocean-themed trivia night Thursday, May 31, with comedian and journalist Faith Salie.

Here are details about these programs and more.


Gateway Storytime

Mondays, May 7, 14, and 21

*Free for Members

Treat children ages 2 to 5 to an enchanting story hour in the Discovery Room.  Learn more >


Frontiers Lecture: Planetary Origin Stories

Monday, May 14

*Discounted for Members

Let Alycia Weinberger take you on a journey back to time to the origins of planets through "snapshots" from nearby stars.  Learn more >


Field Trip to the Moon

Thursday, May 17

*Members only


Take a virtual trip to the Moon in the Hayden Planetarium.  Learn more >


Origami Folding Fun Sessions

Sunday, May 20

*Discounted for Members

Come to the Museum to learn the art of paper folding with members of OrigamiUSA.  Learn more >


Nature in Native American Myths and Legends

Wednesday, May 23

*Free for Members

Visitors who are blind or partially sighted are invited to learn about Native cultures through verbal descriptions and touchable exhibits.  Learn more >


Reconstructing Human Evolution: From Fossils to Faces

Wednesdays, May 23–June 27

*Discounted for Members


Discover how scientists and artists use fossil evidence to infer the anatomy of extinct human relatives.  Learn more >


The Butterfly Conservatory

Closes Monday, May 28

*Free for Members at the $115 level and above.

Don't miss out on mingling with up to 500 live, free-flying butterflies.  Learn more >

Astronomy Live: Multiwavelength Universe

Tuesday, May 29

*Discounted for Members

Join Brian Levine, Emily Rice, and Jana Grcevich to explore the universe through a different lens.  Learn more >


Deep Dive Live: Trivia Night at the Museum

Thursday, May 31

Join Faith Salie for a pub-style night of trivia, in collaboration with the World Science Festival, including special access to the special

exhibition Unseen Oceans.  Learn more >


Meet the Scientist: Mercer Brugler: Curious Corals

Saturday, June 2

Bring children age 7 and up to the Discovery Room to hear a deep-sea evolutionary biologist explain why he describes some coral communities as "Dr. Seuss Land".  Learn more >


Hall Tour: The Art of Natural History

Saturday, June 2

*Members only

Join a tour guide to examine the Museum's spectacular art.  Learn more >