May 23-25: Memorial Day at the Museum main content.

May 23-25: Memorial Day at the Museum

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This Memorial Day weekend, the Museum has plenty of events and exhibits to pique your interests! 

Visit big cats in the Museum's dioramas, including the leopards pictured here. 
© AMNH/C. Chesek

On Saturday, Spotlight Asia introduces visitors to the role that iconic big cats like tigers and leopards play in culture, religion, and folklore across the continent. Tour the Museum’s big cat dioramas, experience live performances, and learn more about these phenomenal felines at this event.

Owl butterfly
The owl butterfly is one of the largest species in The Butterfly Conservatory.
Courtesy of S. Seeger

This weekend is your last chance to see live butterflies at the Museum in The Butterfly Conservatory until the fall. Walk through the Museum’s vivarium and encounter beautiful butterflies from around the world, including the iridescent blue morpho, striking scarlet swallowtails, and the enormous owl butterfly.

Treehopper Model
A model of a treehopper, a harmless insect that resembles a poisonous ant, can bee seen at Life at the Limits.
© AMNH/D. Finnin

Spend one of your days off learning about some of the strangest and most specialized animals on Earth in Life at the Limits. Visitors to this special exhibition can learn about incredible ecosystems that form in caves, as well as encounter live animals like the mantis shrimp, a predator with one of the most powerful punches on the planet.

Life at the Limits Opens April 4

Life at the Limits Opens April 4