May 9-10: Amazing Animals, Your Unusual Artifacts and More!

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This Saturday, gather your rocks, bones, and unusual artifacts and learn about their origins from Museum scientists at our annual Identification Day event. Scientists will be on hand to answer questions about your collections and share their favorite artifacts and specimens from the Museum’s collection. To learn more about what to bring, click here. 


On Sunday, celebrate Mother’s Day with some of the most amazing mothers in the animal kingdom, like the giraffes in the Water Hole diorama in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals.


The Watering Hole diorama in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals. 


After a 15-month gestation period, giraffe mothers give birth while standing or walking. The newborns can be more than six feet tall, and they are able to stand up right after birth. For the first few weeks, the mother will closely guard her baby, until the pair is ready to join the herd, where the young giraffe is cared for by a group of females. 

Learn about other moms by visiting the Amazing Animal Parents Pinterest board. 

While you are at the Museum, be sure to stop by the new Life at the Limits exhibition to explore the extraordinary ways that animals have developed to find food, fend off predators, reproduce, and thrive. 

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