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Meet Mame, the Newly Named Mamenchisaurus

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Photo: : ©AMNH/R. Mickens

The results are in! We asked you to submit a nickname for Mamenchisaurus, the giant sauropod at the center of The World’s Largest Dinosaurs exhibition, currently on view at the Museum.

After hundreds of submissions and thousands of votes, the winner by a landslide is: Mame!

Runners up included Neckita—a nod to her extraordinary 30-foot neck, the longest relative to body size of any known dinosaur—and Mei Mei (“mei” means beauty in Chinese).

Kevin Gafford, one of the contest participants who submitted the winning name, has been randomly selected to receive a giant dinosaur prize package, which includes four tickets to The World’s Largest Dinosaurs—where Kevin can see Mame in person—and an iPod touch, ready to load all of the Museum’s Webby-nominated apps. The free Dinosaurs app for iPhone and iPod touch includes a story all about Mamenchisaurus.

Mame, an 18-year-old vegetarian, is originally from China and has a temporary home at the Museum through January 2, 2012. Like a lot of 18-year-olds, she loves tweeting. Keep in touch with her by following @Giant_Dino on Twitter or visit her in The World’s Largest Dinosaurs.