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Museum Announces March 3 Dinosaur Tweetup

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Did you know that dinosaur bones contain growth rings, like the rings in tree trunks, which reveal yearly periods of rapid and slow growth? Or that sauropods, the largest known dinosaurs, probably survived on a diet of plants? This is your chance to learn about dinosaurs — and to tweet all about it!

Join us on Thursday, March 3, at 6 pm for the Museum’s next tweetup, which will focus on some of the most fascinating animals ever to walk the Earth. Learn about dinosaurs, meet paleontologists, go behind the scenes to see how fossils are stored, and get a sneak preview of The World’s Largest Dinosaurs, a new exhibition that opens April 16. Enjoy refreshments in the Museum’s famous fossil halls and meet other @AMNH followers and staff.

Visit the registration page to sign up today. The Museum will notify all selected participants on February 23. The Museum’s January tweetup focused on Brain: The Inside Story. To learn more, check out these photos or read this post.