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Museum Heads to New York Comic Con

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Illustration of two astronauts in space suits on another planet with several large equipment installations.
A lunar elevator is one of technologies featured in the upcoming exhibition Beyond Planet Earth. 
© AMNH/M. Garlick

The Museum’s upcoming exhibition Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration features some spectacular technologies and missions—from a space elevator to the terraforming of Mars—that have been the staple of science fiction for the last 50 years, inspiring generations of students. Today, what was once limited to the realm of science fiction is being discussed by leading researchers and engineers as not-too-distant possibilities.

And so, for the first time ever, the Museum is headed to New York Comic Con (October 13 through October 16), this weekend’s highly anticipated convention. Our booth will feature a preview of Beyond Planet Earth and a mini-planetarium where visitors can enjoy a flight through the universe narrated by Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson, with visualizations based on the Digital Universe Atlas, an authentic map of the observable cosmos maintained at the Museum.

On Saturday, October 15, Beyond Planet Earth curator Michael Shara will host a panel and screening at Comic Con to discuss what the movies have gotten right—and wrong—about space travel and technology.

See you at Comic Con!