Museum’s Photo Blog Featured on Tumblr Spotlight

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A staff member cleans the T. rex mount on the Museum’s fourth floor. 

Photo: ©AMNH/D. Finnin.

The Museum’s new blog on Tumblr, which showcases a wide range of photos taken by staff photographers, was recently added to Tumblr’s Spotlight, a directory of inspiring blogs, in the Science category.

Daily photos provide an insider’s look at work that goes on behind the scenes at the Museum (like cleaning T. rex’s teeth), interesting specimens from the Museum’s collection, and beautiful shots of the Museum’s iconic halls.

Each photographer brings years of expertise to capturing the Museum’s halls, exhibitions, and collections on film. The blog’s contributors include Director of the Photo Studio Denis Finnin, who has worked at the Museum for 23 years; Principal Photographer Craig Chesek, who has worked at the Museum for 20 years; and Senior Staff Photographer Rod Mickens, who has worked at the Museum for more than 11 years.

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