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Museum Wins Carnegie Award for Educational Programs

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Urban Advantage educational program, in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life
Education programs like Urban Advantage help the Museum improve science education throughout the region. 

This week, the Carnegie Corporation awarded the Museum a $200,000 grant to support its distinguished science education and enrichment programs for K-12 students in New York City.

“We are so grateful to Carnegie Corporation for this significant grant to support and enrich the Museum’s educational programs for New York City students and teachers,” said Museum President Ellen V. Futter. “This is just the latest example of Carnegie’s longstanding and visionary partnership, which has empowered the Museum to apply its extraordinary resources and expertise in innovative ways to the challenges of improving science teaching and learning in the United States.”

The Museum’s signature education initiatives for K-12 students include Urban Advantage, a partnership with the New York City Department of Education and other science-rich cultural institutions that supports science investigations in public middle schools and hosts one of the largest science expos in the city.

Other model programs include the Science Research Mentoring Program, which offers under-resourced high school students the opportunity to learn laboratory skills and pursue research projects under the guidance of Museum scientists. A recent pilot, BridgeUp: STEM, promotes using computer science in scientific research and science communication. 

In addition to programs for K-12 students, the Museum offers many professional development opportunities for teachers, including workshops, courses, and special events. In 2012, the Museum launched a Master of Arts in Teaching program focused on training Earth sciences teachers, addressing a critical need faced by schools around the state. Graduates of the program are already hard at work teaching in high-need schools in New York City and the surrounding area. 

The Museum is one of 18 institutions to receive the one-time award, which supports the work of exemplary educational and enrichment programs for students throughout New York City.

2015 Public Service Award
The National Science Board awarded its 2015 Public Service Award to the Museum for exemplary contributions to the public  understanding of science.
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The award from Carnegie Corporation comes just days after another distinction for the Museum. On May 5, 2015, the National Science Board presented the Museum with a 2015 Public Service Award for its role in promoting the public understanding of science.