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November 8-9: Two Ways to Hack the Universe

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This weekend, 100 developers, coders, and computer science specialists will spend a night (coding) at the Museum. And on Saturday, November 8, visitors can join the fun beginning at 1 pm at Hack the Universe

As hackers continue to work with the data set behind the Museum’s Digital Universe, the most complete and scientifically accurate 3D atlas of the universe, visitors can try out activities to learn how computer science and data visualization help scientists study our cosmic neighborhood. Museum researchers will also be giving brief “lightening talks” throughout the afternoon.

Dark Universe Trailer

Dark Universe Trailer

To see one fantastic example of how Digital Universe data is used to create stunning, scientifically accurate visualizations, head over to the Hayden Planetarium for the latest Space Show, Dark Universe. Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dark Universe tells the stories of pivotal cosmic discoveries over the last century—as well as of the enigmatic phenomena they’ve revealed so far.