October 11–13 A Weekend Getaway at the Museum

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The long weekend is almost here, and if you’re spending it in New York, the Museum is a perfect spot for your fall getaway.

First on the list: the Hayden Planetarium Space Show Dark Universe. Narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson is your guide through the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, highlighting the scientific discoveries that have led to our understanding of the universe so far—and looking ahead to new frontiers for exploration.

Then travel back 220 million years to a time when pterosaurs ruled the skies. These flying reptiles, which ranged in size from 10- inches to upwards of 33 feet, lived all over the world. Learn about their unique adaptations, including how they flew, and see some very rare fossils. 

Planning to take in the fall foliage?  Check our Pinterest board to see the top spots to go leaf peeping at the Museum.

Gray Fox and Opossum

Gray Fox and Opossum Diorama in the Hall of North American Mammals 


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