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October Programs Kick Off with Tonight’s SciCafe

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October is here, and the fall season is in full swing at the Museum. Tonight, join Curator Jenny Newell at SciCafe, for an evening about how Pacific island cultures and ecosystems are being transformed by the effects of climate change. Dr. Newell will be joined by Tina Stege of the Marshallese Education Initiative and will introduce a digital contribution by Marshall Islands poet-activist Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner.

Later this month, dive deep into the Museum archives, take a 92-minute journey around the Earth with an astronaut, discover how new technologies are revealing the inner workings of the brain, and take an online course on the science of climate change. Find out more about each event below.

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Sunday, October 5: Exploring the Museum Archives: New York Archives Week

New York Archives Week 2014

Celebrate New York Archives Week at the Museum Library and discover the Museum’s rich history of scientific expeditions around the world.

Thursday, October 9: The Sci-Fi Universe at the Hayden Planetarium 

Carter Emmart

Examine the universe through the lens of science fiction with astronomers Brian Levine and Christina Pease

Tuesday, October 14: You Are Here with Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield

Astronaut, author, and YouTube sensation Chris Hadfield will take you on a virtual orbit of the Earth as experienced from aboard the International Space Station, as documented in his latest book, You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes.

Saturday, October 18: Sackler Brain Bench One-day University: Illuminating the Brain 

Functional MRI
In this functional MRI image, the brain is engaged in a decision-making task. The areas shaded yellow to red represent the highest brain activity and the areas shaded blue to green, the lowest brain activity. Taken during a neurosurgical procedure, the three white lines slightly above the brain represent three individual neurons whose activity was recorded during the procedure. 

The field of neuroscience has experienced dramatic advances in imaging technologies over the past 20 years.  Join us for a day of deciphering these images and illuminating the brain.

Monday, October 20: Our Earth's Future, An Online Course on the Science of Climate Change

Our Earth's Future

Hear from scientists in the fields of climatology, oceanography, Earth science, and anthropology, and study how climate change is affecting people and their ways of life and explore the multiple lines of evidence that human-induced climate change is happening today and consider what that means for the future of our planet. 

These are just a few of the events happening at the Museum this month. See a full listing of October programs on the Museum calendar.