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SciCafe is Always Open on YouTube

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This year’s SciCafe season came to a close this month when NYU neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki stopped by to shed light on the connection between exercise and brain function.


You can improve your cardio and cognitive function by exercising along with Suzuki in the video above. But no worries if you don’t feel like getting up and moving—the latest season of SciCafe featured talks by a wide variety of researchers, so there’s something for everyone, no matter what your interests.

If you’re into animals, you can hear Curator Frank Burbrink talk about studying snakes in the field, or watch conservation biologist Mary Blair talk about her late-night forays into the jungles of Vietnam where she researches slow lorises. (You can also get a preview of that chat live courtesy of the Museum’s Facebook Live series below.)


Curious about public health? Check out a panel discussion of the on the spread of the Zika virus. Or if your telescope turns to astronomy, learn what happens when black holes collide in the depths of space. 

Whatever your interests, SciCafe has something for you, and they’re all available on the Museum’s YouTube playlist. You’ll even find links there to podcast versions of these conversations (complete with audience Q&A segments) if you’re looking for something to listen to on your commute.