September 5–7: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Scorpion main content.

September 5–7: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Scorpion

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Just in time for the long weekend, the Museum’s popular Butterfly Conservatory reopens it vivarium doors on Saturday, September 5. Visitors can mingle with more than 500 live, free-flying butterflies of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

butterfly gif
The Butterfly Conservatory is home to more than 500 free-flying butterflies. 

What makes butterflies so colorful? Their wings are covered with tiny scales, each a single color. Let these beauties land on you, but don't touch a butterfly's wing—the "powder" that rubs off is actually the scales!

Over in Spiders Alive!, see 16 live arachnid species, including the desert hairy scorpion. This native of the American Southwest hunts at night, feeding on insects, spiders, lizards and even an occasional small mammal.

A desert hairy scorpion attacking a prey insect.
A desert hairy scorpion attacks. 

Unlike the butterflies, the spiders and scorpions are behind glass, but visitors can get up close with tarantulas and emperor scorpions in the live presentations by Museum staff that take place throughout the day.

In an exhibition hall about spiders an adult sits at a desk with a several specimen cases. Five children and an adult observe.
In Spiders Alive!, presenters introduce attendees to living arachnids.

No matter what you plan to see at the Museum this weekend, make sure to download Explorer for iOS and Android. 

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