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Start Cephalopod Week Right!

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It’s Cephalopod Week again, and that means we’re taking some time in the coming days to shout out these terrific, tentacled marine marvels. And we got things going early with a live stream of the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life’s Giant Squid and Sperm Whale diorama getting its annual dusting.




You can learn all about giant squid elsewhere on the blog, and don’t miss the chance to get an up-close meeting with the one in the Museum’s collection courtesy of our web series Shelf Life.


While giant squid are literally the stuff of legends, they’re not the only cephalopod to exhibit some unbelievable traits. Meet the mimic octopus, which can contort its body and change its coloration to pose as a host of other oceanic animals.

Striped mimic octopus hovers just above the ocean floor.
© AMNH/5W infographics-P.Velasco 


And if you’re planning a visit to the Museum, don’t miss Opulent Oceans, an exhibition of scientific illustrations from the European age of discovery. These paintings, prints, and sketches detail some of the earliest known glimpses of sea creatures, including the vampire squid below.

Vampire Squid
Vampire SquidLouis Joubin, 1898-1910

For more squid, octopus, and cuttlefish coverage, stay tuned to #CephalopodWeek on social media and pay our friends at Science Friday a visit!