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Thanksgiving Weekend at the Museum: Origami Holiday Tree, Power of Poison, Live Butterflies, and More

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Happy Thanksgiving! Though the Museum is closed Thanksgiving Day, the rest of the holiday weekend offers free-flying, tropical butterflies in The Butterfly Conservatory; the Origami Holiday Tree, decked with hundreds of hand-folded paper models; and the bewitching Power of Poison exhibition.

Live Butterflies: The Butterfly Conservatory

Step inside the warm, plant-filled vivarium and explore the world of tropical butterflies; knowledgeable explainers are on-hand to answer all your questions. 

The Butterfly Conservatory 2013

The Butterfly Conservatory 2013

Learn more about The Butterfly Conservatory.

Now on Display: The Origami Holiday Tree

"Wicked, Wild, and Wonderful" is the tree's theme this year, inspired by the new exhibition The Power of Poison. Spot hand-folded paper models of Macbeth's witches; frogs; spiders; jellyfish; and more. 

2013 Origami Holiday Tree
2013's Origami Holiday Tree: The theme this year is "Wicked, Wild, and Wonderful," inspired by the new exhibition The Power of Poison.
© AMNH/R. Mickens

The Origami Holiday Tree is on the Museum's first floor, in the Grand Gallery. It is free for Members or with Museum admission. 

Don't Miss: The Power of Poison

Live animals, including a Gila monster, caterpillars, a tarantula, golden poison frogs, and Nemo-like clownfish are interspersed throughout the exhibition, helping elucidate the diversity and ubiquity of poisons in nature—and their myriad uses for humans, as medicine, weaponry, and inspiration.

Caterpillar GIF Poison
Two species of live caterpillar, including this zebra longwing caterpillar, are on display in The Power of Poison. Both species evolved the ability to thrive despite feeding on toxic passionflower plants.

Learn more about The Power of Poison, now open on the Museum's third floor. The special exhibition is free for Members. 

Want more? See the live-animal exhibition Frogs: A Chorus of Colors; the special exhibition Whales: Giants of the Deep; or the new Space Show, Dark Universe, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.