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This Weekend at the Museum: Dinosaurs, Stem Cells, and More

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The kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to turn, and fall is well and truly in the air! There's more than just the change in seasons to be excited about, though. We're starting October out right with a full weekend of events and exhibitions here at the Museum.

Yutyrannus DL
A Yutyrannus model in Dinosaurs Among Us.
© AMNH/R. Mickens

On Saturday, October 1st, visitors are invited to experience the newest addition to one of the Museum's oldest halls, a touchscreen Digital Totem in the Hall of Northwest Coast Indians, at Celebrate Pacific Northwest Cultures. New technology helps to introduce visitors to the sights, sounds, and cultures of the Pacific Northwest, while Curator Sean Young of the Haida Gwaii Museum will be live via telepresence robot to act as a virtual guide through the hall!

Celebrate Pacific Northwest Coast Cultures
Kids get hands-on with artifacts at Celebrate Pacific Northwest Cultures.

Saturday and Sunday from noon until 5 pm, visitors can drop-in on the Sackler Educational Laboratory for a lesson on the science of stem cells. Learn about the possibilities these undifferentiated cells hold for medicine, see live animals and specimens that show demonstrate their potential, and see real live stem cell cultures. To learn more about what's in store, check out Sackler Lab Senior Manager Julia Zichello's Facebook Live appearance below!

As birds and New Yorkers alike start to prepare for their winter migrations, learn about the amazing, unbroken evolutionary line that connects modern avians and ancient dinosaurs. Models, fossils, and specimens from the Museum's collections show how the histories of feathers, nesting behavior, flight, and more are rooted in ancient bird ancestors in the exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us, open now. 

Dinosaurs Among Us Opens March 21

Dinosaurs Among Us Opens March 21


For information on these and other upcoming events, be sure to check out the Museum calendar. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!