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This Weekend at the Museum: Origami and A New Exhibition

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This Saturday, November 7, the Museum's newest special exhibition, The Secret World Inside You, opens to the public. Come get a tour of the human microbiome—the population of trillions of tiny organisms that call the human body home, and play key roles in everything from digestion to immune function.

To get a little background on the exhibit, take a look at the Museum's Microbiome Monday series, where curators and researchers explain some of the science behind the human microbiome, and why your smallest neighbors have a very big impact on human health.

Origami Tree Pterosaur
An origami pterosaur soars around the top of the 2014 Origami Holiday Tree.

Then, on Sunday, November 8, stop by the Museum to celebrate the start of World Origami Days. Volunteers from OrigamiUSA will be on hand in the Grand Gallery to help visitors learn more about this art form, which can turn simple pieces of paper into an astounding array of elegant designs, like the ornaments that will deck the Museum's Holiday Tree later this year.