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Looking to get hands on with fossils? Want to visit the underwater world of whales? Keen to visit another country on your summer vacation? No matter how you like to explore science, there’s something in our halls for you this weekend! 


¡Cuba! Closing August 13

Visit the Caribbean without facing lines at the airport in the Museum’s latest special exhibition. ¡Cuba! offers a tour of the remarkable biodiversity and vibrant culture of this island nation—but the exhibition closes soon, so don’t miss your last chance to visit!

Two adults and two children view a model of a cuban crocodile leaping out of the water to catch a bird.
A model of the Cuban crocodile is part of the Museum’s ¡Cuba! exhibition, open now.
©AMNH/D. Finnin

Sackler Lab Drop-Ins

Visit the Sackler Educational Lab this weekend to meet some of humanity’s ancient relatives, handle the stone tools they crafted, and even see inside a real human brain.


Teenagers crowd around a table with a model of a human skull and human brain.
Learn about the history of the human brain in the Sackler Educational Lab.

Humpback Whales

Beat the heat in the LeFrak Theater, where the giant screen lets you dive beneath the surface of the ocean and get a taste of life among some of the world’s most awe-inspiring marine mammals. 


Full length underwater view of a humpback whale swimming with her calf, who hovers closely.
A mother humpback whale and her calf.
Copyright Brandon Cole 

Inside You

What is your microbiome? Why is it important? And how is it impacted by everything from you commute to your family pets? Learn all this and more at Inside You, a new exhibition spotlighting the vast microbial populations that make us who we are. 

Two adults and two children look at an exhibition wall displaying photos of bacteria and graphics of human-shaped figures with descriptive text.
© AMNH/ R. Mickens