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This Weekend at the Museum

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Whether you’re coming to the Museum for dinosaurs or butterflies, you won’t want to miss the films screening at the annual Margaret Mead Film Festival this weekend!


Margaret Mead Film Festival

The 2017 Margaret Mead Film Festival is in full swing. Visit the Museum through Sunday, October 22, to see one or more of over 40 international films.

Timelapse: © AMNH/R. Mickens

Stop by the Grand Gallery to get a behind-the-scenes look at artist Amanda Strong’s stop-motion animation sets, including one from Four Faces of the Moon, which screens Saturday. Then, experience the latest virtual reality technologies in the Mixed Media Lounge, set up in the Northwest Coast Hall. 



Young child stands in front of lush greenery and smiles as a butterfly sits on his head.
Enjoy the warmth in the company of our winged friends in The Butterfly Conservatory.
© AMNH/D. Finnin

The Butterfly Conservatory is the perfect place to commune with nature and get up close and personal with these delicate, winged insects—more than 500 of them! 



Side horizontal view of upper body and head of mummy, covered in dark wrappings with a gilded face.
Ancient Egyptian mummy #30007.
© 2015 The Field Museum, A115214d_016A, photographer John Weinstein

Visit Mummies to learn how researchers are using the latest imaging techniques to unwrap mummies without removing a single bandage. The exhibition features artifacts and mummies from Egypt and Peru, which have been scanned to reveal new clues about these ancient cultures. 

For more events happening this weekend and in October, check out the Museum’s calendar