This Weekend: Butterflies are Back

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The winter chill has arrived, but it’s warm at the Museum this weekend—in some of the halls, the heat is downright tropical!


Child looks through magnifying glass at a butterfly drinking from an orange slice.

See hundreds of butterflies in a tropical vivarium at The Butterfly Conservatory.

© AMNH/D.Finnin

Just in time for winter’s chill, The Butterfly Conservatory returns to the Museum this weekend. Starting December 10, come see dozens of species of free-flying butterflies in the comfort of a vivarium that re-creates their natural habitat.


Family stands in a room with underwater light effects, viewing a coral reef with a shark model hanging overhead.

Explore coral reefs and other incredible ecosystems in ¡Cuba!

© AMNH/D. Finnin

Presented in both English and Spanish, the Museum’s newest special exhibition, ¡Cuba!, explores the extraordinary biodiversity across the island nation’s remote forests, mysterious caves, expansive wetlands, and dazzling reefs through immersive exhibits. And as always, Members see it free.


Teenagers crowd around a table with a model of a human skull and human brain.

Learn about the history of the human brain in the Sackler Educational Lab.


And you can drop-in at the Sackler Educational Lab to learn about human evolution, see fossil casts, and learn about how our early ancestors survived using stone tools. You can even hold one yourself!


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