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This Weekend, Catch 'Em All at the Museum

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Getting caught up in the Pokémon Go craze? We feel you. The Museum is home to exhibits about some of the most amazing animals from Earth's past and present, but as of this week, our halls are also home to species like Caterpie and Pikachu. It's making for some interesting moments. 


Charmander in Skunk diorama
Spotted skunk used "Poison Gas"! It's super effective! 


So far, we've found Pokémon like Charmander, Ratata, Pidgey, and Weedle making themselves at home inside dioramas, perched on wall text, and even relaxing at the 77th Street fountain. What are your Pokémon expeditions at the Museum turning up? Let us know by tweeting your photos of Pokémon at the Museum to @amnh


Pidgey in fossil hall
Learn how dinosaurs evolved into modern birds at the Museum. To learn about Pidgey's evolutions, consult your Pokedex. © AMNH


In addition to the many monsters now roaming the halls, numerous Museum exhibits also serve as Pokéstops where you can pick up eggs and Pokéballs to stay in the game. 


Olmec Head Pokestop
The Olmec Head is just one of many Pokestops found at the Museum.


Some of the Museum's Pokéstops include the Olmec Head in the Hall of Mexico and Central America, the blue whale in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, and the Megaloceros fossil in the Hall of Advanced Mammals. That's not every Pokéstop you'll find here, but half the fun is exploring the Museum—so come find the rest.


Evee Planetarium
Evee is one of the most recent visitors to the Hayden Planetarium.


The Museum is even home to a Pokémon gym—located in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals—where players can test their skills by battling their catches against other visitors! Just make sure to keep it civil, though, and make every Pokébattle a good clean fight.

And remember: while you're trapping elusive pocket monsters, we ask you to always stay aware of your surroundings. The Museum is a busy place, and there's no Pokémon catch worth putting yourself, or your fellow visitors, at risk for. Signs and barricades all still apply, even when you're trying to trap a Psyduck. And be sure to give your phone a rest once in a while, too. You can find Pikachu in plenty of places, but the same can't be said for exhibits like The Secret World Inside You and The Titanosaur. At the end of the day, even Dragonite's got nothing on the fourth floor's fossils. 


Nidorina in Fossil Hall
Yes, a Nidoran is exciting, but it's not Triceratops-fossil exciting. © AMNH


While you've got your smartphone out at the Museum, take some of our apps for a spin. Available for iOS and Android, the recently relaunched Explorer app in beta makes navigating the Museum a breeze with turn-by-turn directions. It also lets you design a customized tour of the Museum based on your interests and location. You'll find interactive features and insider insights on exhibits like the T. rex, the blue whale, and more.


Explorer Intrests

And Pokemon trainers looking for a new challenge can try the Museum's MicroRangers app, an augmented reality game that lets you dive right into some Museum dioramas. From curing tree diseases to herding buffalo, MicroRangers brings the Museum to life like you've never seen it before.