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This Weekend: Identification Day and More

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Is it Identification Day already? How time flies! Join us in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall this Saturday, May 6, to talk with Museum scientists as they try to identify items from your personal natural history collections like shells, fossils, minerals, and more. For information on what to bring, how to prepare it for identification, and what we ask you to leave at home, visit the Identification Day page. 


Museum staff member sits at a table surrounded by fossils and examines a specimen presented by two small children.
Fossil Collections Manager Carl Mehling examines fossils at Identification Day.
© AMNH/R. Mickens

While we can’t wait to see your collections, we also can’t pass up the chance to show off our own. Even if you don’t have an item you want to know more about, be sure to visit Identification Day to see rarely viewed items from the Museum’s holdings that will be on display just for this event! 

And Identification Day is hardly the only show in town this weekend.


Detail of the head of the coffin shows a painted face with a long slim beard, wearing a headdress, with illustrated figures decorating the body.
Coffin #30023 dates back to the late 25th Dynasty or early 26th Dynasty of ancient Egypt, (approximately 700–600 BC).
© 2015 The Field Museum, A115218d_003C, photographer John Weinstein

In the special exhibition Mummies, you can encounter some of the world’s most important mummy specimens from Egypt and Peru, and learn how new technologies are helping researchers gain new insights into these ancient individuals and their cultures. And as always, Members see our special exhibitions for free, so find out how you can join today!


Humpback Whales-IMAX

Humpback Whales-IMAX

In the LeFrak Theater, you can take a trip to the depths of the ocean and experience the world of Humpback Whales. Get an up-close look at how these whales communicate, sing, feed, play, and care for their young on the giant screen in 2D or 3D.


Child smiles while a butterfly lights on his head.
© AMNH/D. Finnin

And there’s not much time left to visit The Butterfly Conservatory. This exhibition, featuring more than 500 free-flying butterflies in a tropical vivarium, closes on May 29. Don’t miss it!