Valentine's Weekend at the Museum: Sublime Scientific Illustrations, Mysteries of the Unseen World

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Here are a few ways to escape the slush at the Museum this weekend—and a reminder that it's never too late to send a Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Text over a heart shape reads: "My heart is aflutter!". A butterfly flaps it's wings in adoration above a second butterfly resting on a leaf.

You can see Hecale longwings like those above and up to 500 other live butterflies in The Butterfly Conservatory, now open. 

Natural Histories

See 50 reproductions of some of the most important—and beautiful—scientific illustrations of the past 500 years. All are from books and folios in the Museum's Rare Book Collection. They include works by influential artists and naturalists, many, like Maria Sibylla Merian (whose work you see below) still well-known today. 

The exhibition is on the Museum's first floor, near the LeFrak Theater, and is free for Members or with Museum admission. Learn more.

Natural Histories Maria Sibyll Merian Pineapple

German naturalist and artist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) spent two years documenting the flora and fauna of Surinam, South America, creating the book Metamorphosis, from which this engraving is reproduced. 

© AMNH/D. Finnin

Mysteries of the Unseen World

In this wide-ranging and visually memorable film—see it in 3D—you'll learn about topics ranging from the basics of the electromagnetic spectrum to the best fliers among insects (can you guess which they are?), to the ways new plants unfurl from seeds underground. 

With three 3D showings daily, Mysteries of the Unseen World is shown in the LeFrak Theater. Learn more.

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